20 Virtual Date Ideas for LDR Couples

Keeping a long-distance relationship alive requires a lot of trust, understanding, and effort to make things work.

In the end, it’s all about adapting to and overcoming the challenges, mostly the distance.

There are many ways for a couple to overcome the distance, and our LDR experts came up with the best ideas to help you keep the love burning.

1. Go Stargazing and Feel the Night Sky Magic

Check when’s the next meteor shower (usually there are many throughout the year) and arrange a date under the stars. You can drive to a location with less light pollution and enjoy the magnificent view.

You can also download a Sky Map App to help you recognize the visible planets and constellations. Who knows, maybe a shooting star will make your wish to be together come true!

2. Online Happy Hour

ldr happy hour

This is a classic virtual date with a twist. Grab a glass of your favorite wine or spirit, and the date can start.

If you find this too ordinary, Google some easy cocktail recipes and use whatever you have at home to mix the best drink. You can play bartenders together and turn it into a little competition. Compare your drinks and let that bit of alcohol take the stress away.

After all, it’s ‘Beer O’clock’ somewhere!

3. Discover Love Songs in a Foreign Language

This is a great LDR idea for couples who speak different languages.

Send your partner a list of YouTube links to the best love songs in your mother tongue. Take turns in listening to them together. Sometimes words are not needed – let the music speak to your hearts.

4. “Think Inside the Box” Date

Long-distance dates are all about thinking outside the box, but this one is different:

  • Plan a movie date with your partner a few days upfront.
  • Then make a list of all the things you two will need for an awesome movie date – like popcorn, sodas, something sweet, and chips.
  • Put all of this in a box and send it to your loved one.

Of course, don’t forget to buy two of each so you can enjoy the date together!

5.  Visit a Virtual Museum

Many world-class museums offer virtual tours, so if you are art aficionados, this can be one of the best long-distance date ideas.

Every couple dreams of visiting Paris, the capital of love and romance, so why don’t you use this chance to go on a virtual date through the magnificent Louvre. It’s an excellent way to have fun and learn at the same time.

Other famous museums with virtual tours include:

  • Guggenheim, Bilbao
  • Vatican Museums, Rome
  • Musée d’Orsay, Paris
  • Museu de Arte de São Paulo, Brazil

6. Enjoy Some Sexy Time on Skype

ldr skype sex

Are you down for some action in bed?

If you miss being intimate, thanks to modern technology, you can still share some sexy time together. All you need is a good internet connection, long distance sex toys and a private place.


7. Book club For Two

This is the perfect LDR date for bookworms.

Choose a title you know that both of you are going to like, and get on Skype or FaceTime. Take turns reading different chapters and discuss the most interesting parts and ideas.

You might discover new depths of your partner’s soul.

8. Meditate Together

Many couples love working on their spiritual growth together and distance should be no obstacle. You can use one of those apps for guided meditation or choose soothing music that you both like.

Sit down in a quiet room, get on Skype, play the music/meditation, and just relax. Let love flow between your hearts.

9. Prepare Your Dinner Together

Busy LDR couples find it hard to spend quality time together. After a long day at work, get on a video call with your partner, and cook together.

It will give you the chance to catch up and tell them all about your day and how much you miss each other. Plus, there is something so attractive in watching your partner cook.

Check TheHealthyCuisine.com for great healthy food recipes.

10. Watch the Sunrise Together

If you are missing romance in your relationship, staying up till dawn and watching the sunrise together can spark the passion. You may not be physically together, but you are still under the same sun.

11. Little Online Study Group

If you are busy students attending different colleges, this is a great idea to spend some quality time together. You can be your own little study group and share some great ideas.

12. Have a FaceTime Date

When was the last time you two went out on a proper date?

Well, you don’t have to wait any longer!

Set the mood with some candles, put on something extra special, do your hair and makeup, make sure you have a fancy drink at hand, and make the call. Your partner will appreciate the effort you put into your FaceTime date.

13. Choose Your Next Travel Destination

For LDR couples, it’s very important to have something to look forward to in the foreseeable future. Choose a day when you can spend a bit more time and plan your next trip together. Choose a destination you’ve never visited before, and maybe you’ll get lucky to find some awesome deals.

14. Organize a Fitness Challenge

long distance relationship fitness challenge

If both of you care about staying healthy and in shape, you can organize a fitness challenge as a date. Come up with the exercises and their intensity levels before you get on camera, and may the better one win.

15. Skype Date in a Fancy Restaurant

Sitting alone and talking on your phone is not a common sight in a fancy restaurant on a Saturday night, but who cares?

Check the restaurants in your partner’s area and book them a booth at one they haven’t visited yet. Let them do the same for you. It will make you feel special and bring a dose of mystery into your relationship.

16. Virtual Date at the Zoo

This is one of the best long-distance relationship date ideas for animal lovers. You can take your partner on a virtual tour around your local zoo. Buy some cotton candy and show them all the cute animals. Let your inner child come out and play!

17. Online Game Competition

Are you out of Skype date ideas?

Is your apartment messy, and you don’t want your partner to see it?

Think no more!

Find a fun long-distance relationship online game you both like playing and join the fun. Sound on, cameras off. May the odds be in your favor.

18. Grow Together (Literally)

You will need some pots, colors, bulbs/seeds and soil. Before you start, make sure you learn about planting and growing flowers. Decorate the pots and plant the seeds.

You can do this on camera and turn it into a little ‘growing’ competition. Make sure you plant the flowers at the same time so they grow together. It can be your anniversary gift.

19. Create the Home of Your Dreams

This can be one of those unconventional online date ideas, but it will help you learn how compatible your tastes are. You can even make a joint Pinterest account and pin ideas, colors, patterns, and furniture you’d like to see in your future house.

20. Plan Your Future

For LDR couples, it’s important to know that their time apart is temporary. When you are planning on taking the next step like moving in together or getting married, it will probably take you many Skype dates and deep conversations, but it’s a good starting point. 

Tips for Overcoming the Distance in Your Relationship

How To Overcome Long Distance Relationship Problems?

A long-distance relationship comes with a number of challenges and obstacles, but when love is strong and your partner means the world to you, anything is possible.

No matter how strong your feelings are for one another, there’s still a part in both of you that wants to make sure or know if your relationship will stand the test of time.

First of all, you need to know that having a successful long-distance relationship is very much possible!

Here are a few things that can make you overcome the distance and feel closer to your partner than ever.

Show That You Are Committed

Before pursuing a long-distance relationship, you have to have it clear how committed you are. If your bond is strong enough to overcome the distance and you see a future together, then you will have to show your partner that you are committed and not just wasting their time.

Do Fun Things Together Even If You Are Apart

Some couples even welcome distance, as it lets them understand how much they actually love their partners and miss spending time with them.

However, spending quality time can turn into a ‘task’ when all you do is boring Skype dates. If you think you’re not creative enough, check out the long-distance relationship date ideas we shared above. You will definitely find some fun activities to do with your loved one without being in each other’s presence.

Respect Each Other’s Time

Timing is everything, especially when time is short and precious. To keep an LDR alive and healthy you will actually need to see each other. Don’t stand your partner up or keep them waiting. Trust is easily broken. You don’t want to make them feel like they are not important to you.

Choose Smart What You Use to Communicate

Long-distance partners don’t always have the time or conditions to hop on a phone or video call, so, they often switch to texting and instant messaging.

Unfortunately, there is a lot that gets lost in translation when it comes to texting, plus it’s just so impersonal. And although GIFs and stickers may be fun, they do not replace face-to-face communication.

So, make a plan to fit in at least one video call a week and stick to it.

We are Max from France and Ella from Finland. We met in Australia in 2008 while we were both backpacking around this amazing country. After returning to Europe, we went through all the hardships of a long-distance relationship for almost three years! And we survived it!

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