11 Awesome Long-Distance Relationship Gadgets For 2023

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Stay connected with your partner no matter the distance! Check out our list of 11 awesome long-distance relationship gadgets for 2023 to keep that spark alive!

long distance gadgets

Long-distance relationship gadgets are great for keeping you connected with your partner wherever you are in the world. They can help reduce the sense of loneliness, break the distance, overcome the issues that come with the LDR territory, and help an LDR survive and strengthen the connection.

All of these reasons make for a good excuse to invest in cool gadgets for long distance couples and to get out of the Skype/Facetime routine. 

Here are some awesome long-distance relationship technology devices to consider.

Totwoo long-distance bracelets

Totwoo long-distance bracelets are the perfect way to keep your loved ones close, no matter the distance.

With these bracelets, you can stay connected with your partner and feel their presence, even when they’re far away.

The unique design of the bracelets allows you to exchange heartfelt and vibration messages and share special moments, no matter where you are in the world.

Whether you’re near or far, Totwoo long-distance bracelets are a beautiful way to show your loved ones how much you care.

Connecting Love | Totwoo

Long Distance Friendship Lamps

totwoo How to | Friendship Lamp - How does it work and set up?

The Long Distance Friendship Lamps quickly became a game-changer for LDRs when it first appeared on the market a few years ago. It’s the long-distance relationship technology that took across-the-miles love to the next level with a single touch.

Thanks to the Long Distance Friendship Lamps, brightening up your partner’s gloomy days no longer requires your presence.

All you need is a set of two lamps, one for you and one for your partner, and a stable Wi-Fi connection.

Once the lamps are connected through the Internet, touching the lamp on your end will make your partner’s lamp light up in the preset color. Regardless of the distance in between, they will always get your ‘light’ messages.

If you want to be more creative, you can even assign different meanings to different colors:

  • pink for ‘I Love You,’
  • blue for ‘I’m sad,’
  • red for ‘I’m feeling sexy.’

That way, your partner will always know how you’re feeling.

But, as the name indicates, Totwoo lamps are not exclusive to romantic love. I bet there are other people in your life who need to know how much you care. Get a set for you and your college friend, or ‘stay in touch’ with your family while studying/working abroad.

Because of their simple and elegant design, the Long-Distance Friendship Lamps will look great anywhere in your home.  Plus, they come with a USB plug, making them universal and easy to use from any point on Earth.

Long Distance Bracelets by Bond Touch 

One of the biggest downsides of a long-distance relationship is the absence of a physical connection. Nothing makes a room feel emptier than wanting someone in it, right?

Luckily, Bond Touch found the perfect solution to bring you closer even when you are staying across the country or the world!

The Heartbeat Touch connecting bracelets allow you and your partner to feel each other’s touch virtually. They use vibration to imitate your touch, so they need to be paired to work.

To connect your long distance bracelets, download the Bond Touch App and use Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to pair them. Keep in mind that the bracelets need to be within 10 ft of the mobile device you are using to connect them to stay active. Follow the simple set-up guide, and you are ready to send touches that say ‘you’re on my mind.’

You can even customize the colors of your ‘touches.’ Choose your favorite color or a color that carries a deeper meaning for you as a couple, and let your partner know how much you care.

But that’s not all, watch at the review of the long distance relationship bracelets Bound Touch to get an idea of the possibilities.

Bond Touch - Long Distance Bracelets

You can take it one step further and give your loved one an extra special sensation. The Heartbeat bracelet long-distance technology allows you to send up to 10 touches in a single message, giving you the perfect chance to send a special rhythm that your partner will easily recognize. You can even come up with a secret code!

Another great feature of these long-distance bracelets is the durable battery that can go for as long as four days without recharging. You won’t even have to worry about taking it off while having a shower or going for a swim as the Heartbeat bracelets are waterproof up to 3 feet.

Each bracelet comes with a standard black band, but you can choose from several different colors offered on the Bond Touch page to adjust it to your personal style.

Surprise your partner with theBond ring and stay in touch at any time!

Long Distance Pillow

How many times have you had trouble falling asleep because your bed felt too cold and empty without your partner?

While nothing can make up for the warmth and presence of a loved one, BoldLoft came up with an idea to make those long nights feel a tad less lonely.

Their Long-Distance Pillows come in handy when all you can think about is cuddling with your partner. Get one for yourself and order one for them. It’s going to make a perfect gift and a nice surprise.

Take a look at the multiple quotes, messages, and designs they offer on their website and choose those that remind you and your partner of one another most. That way, you will be the first thing on each other’s minds in the morning and the last one when you go to bed.

Pillows may not be the latest long-distance tech, but they can still deliver a powerful message.

A Long-Distance Watch – The Apple Watch

Watches have been the ultimate go-to gift for over a century. They are practical, stylish, and, if you take good care of them, long-lasting. High-quality pieces have been passed as family heirlooms for generations and can be items of sentimental value.

But, if you are wondering how watches found their way on a list of LDR gadgets, that’s because you haven’t met the Apple Watch yet.

The Apple Watch is the bestselling smartwatch on the market, and there are many reasons why. It’s highly adjustable, simple in design, connects to all devices easily, and shows you a lot more than just the time.

Once you get a hold of it, it will soon become one of your favorite gadgets for long-distance couples,and here’s why:

  • Shows dual time zones: it will save you some valuable time doing mental math calculating what time is where your partner lives.
  • Heartbeat reading feature: press the button on the side, and it starts reading your heartbeat. A few extra taps on the display, and you can easily send your heartbeat to your loved one. Isn’t it a cool way to let them that your heart beats for them?
  • Different sizes: depending on the model, you can choose from 4 different face sizes. It’s perfect if you prefer his and her long-distance couples’ watches.

Put high-tech and a simple design together, and you get a true token of your long-distance love. You just can’t go wrong with a nice watch.

How to Send Your Heartbeat From the Apple Watch

Long-Distance Sex Toys

Let’s be absolutely honest, sex is great! But it can be even better if you invite the right hardware into the bedroom.

Sadly, when you are in an LDR, things get slightly more complicated as your options are pretty limited. Don’t let that dishearten you and ruin all the fun in the bedroom, though!

There are some pretty awesome long-distance relationship devices out there, so it boils down to finding the right one for you. From vibrating underwear to app-controlled sex toys, Bluetooth definitely changed how LDR couples get together while being apart.

Forget sexing and late-night steamy phone calls for a while, and open up yourself and your relationship to a completely new and different experience. Your virtual bedroom requires variety too.

Most sex gadgets come in pairs or multiple pieces, so partners can enjoy them together. They are usually Bluetooth-enabled and communicate through an app that allows users to control their partner’s pleasure.

Some sex toy companies went even further and now offer online services like video chats that enable a safe and secure way for couples to stay intimate despite all the miles between them.

If you like this kind of stuff, we compiled a great list of the best sex gifts for long distance relationships.

A Heartbeat Ring 

We’ve already introduced you to the long-distance bracelets and watches, so now it’s time to close the circle with the long-distance rings by Heartbeat.

For those of you who are not familiar with the legend of ‘Vena amoris’ or the ‘vein of love,’ it’s a 6000-year-old Egyptian belief that has had quite the impact on the modern Western world wedding ring custom.

Today, almost 1 billion people follow the ring finger tradition, but the Touch managed to redefine the concept and push the tradition one step further.

long distance heartbeat ring

If you are feeling kinda bougie and like spoiling your long-distance significant other with high-tech gadgets,this is the one for you!

The Heartbeat long-distance relationship rings allow couples to feel each other’s heartbeats in real-time. All you need to do is connect your set of rings to the HB Ring app, and you are good to go.

A double-tap on the ring will let you feel and see your partner’s actual heartbeat. The ring uses vibrations and light that synch with the pulse of the person wearing it to let you feel the rhythm of their heart.

Yourlong-distance touch rings’ batteries will last up to 14 hours should you keep it between 10 and 15 touches a day. In case your partner’s ring is inactive, you can enjoy their last recorded heartbeat.

The Heartbeat ring comes in two variants:

  • stainless steel
  • solid rose gold

Depending on the style, they come with very elegant single charger boxes or one double piano charger box.

Sounds unbelievable, but there are over 100 tiny pieces of technology that make up these long-distance rings. No wonder a pair comes with such a hefty price tag. After all, it’s one of the best long-distance smart wearables!

HB Ring – Real-time heartbeat of your loved one on your ring.

Long Distance Hug Shirt

It’s unbelievable how far long distance tech has come. Smartwatches and vibrating bracelets sound pretty awesome, but a virtual hug? Who would have thought?

The Cute Circuit is the first company to incorporate wearable technology that recreates hugs and cuddles remotely as a key component, thus creating their Hug Shirt™ design. 

A smart concept with a single purpose:

To make people feel better when they’re missing a loved one.

There are no wires or hard, unpleasant materials. This product uses smart fabrics to communicate with the sensors and actuators located throughout the garment.

The sensors read your heartbeat, body temperature, and touch to send them to your partner. They also capture the strength, duration, and location of the hugs and touches.

Your shirt’s actuators will immediately activate once your partner wearing a connected shirt makes a hugging motion or sends a virtual hug through the HugShirt App.

If we haven’t blown your mind with this product yet, well, maybe you need to get yourself one to believe the magic.

Hug it out, from a thousand miles away

Kissenger’s Kiss Messenger 

Wait… what? Is this even possible?

Well, it looks like someone had the million-dollar idea!

When you feel like kissing your partner but you are oceans apart, Kisssenger might be the perfect solution until you are back together.

It uses a set of two interfaces equipped with sensors and actuators to analyze your lips’ pressure points and simulate kissing your long-distance partner. The device pairs with a messaging app and even supports video chatting so you can feel even closer while looking at each other.

This makes the Kissenger one of the most innovative long-distance relationship gadgets,but, at the same time, using it is quite simple.

Of course, nothing can replace real contact and physical touch, but hey, maybe kissing silicone-made lips doesn’t sound so bad after all when the kisses are coming from the one you love. 

Kissenger Kiss Messenger Version 1

Bonus! 2 Excellent Apps for Long-Distance Couples

Kast – the Best App to Watch Movies Together

Enter the World of Kast TV

Kast is a fairly new app on the rising video-conference market. Even though we can still call it a ‘work in progress,’ this software is doing a pretty good job at giving you the ‘Netflix and Chill’ experience remotely. 

If watching movies and playing games was your favorite couple activity, this platform allows you to share your screens and join the fun from any place in the world. Plus, the premium version lets you and your partner share your cameras, not just screens. That way, you won’t have to choose where to focus your attention.

It seems like, long before it became a common phrase, this San Diego-based team were experts at social distancing. With so many couples and families being stuck at different locations, it’s normal that people would try to imitate experiences that are as close as possible to being physically together.

They report people using the platform for activities you wouldn’t even imagine. From drinking parties to study groups, people treat it as a virtual living room, making the Kast platform far from limited to romantic virtual dates. 

Between – The All-In-One Couple App

relationship app for couples

Texting is such a crucial part of long-distance relationships. Sometimes, your private and open conversations are the only thing that’s keeping the spark burning. You have to admit, texting can get kind of dry and boring if words are all you are exchanging. 

But, there is no room for worry because we are introducing you to the Between – the ultimate all-in-one LDR couple app

You want all your pics in one place? Done! Feeling like sharing gifs and funny videos with your partner? Got it! You can’t seem to remember important dates and anniversaries? They got you covered! It’s like your own personal social media platform for you as a couple!

If you are already using a smartphone, we don’t see why you wouldn’t go for such a great LDR app. 

We are Max from France and Ella from Finland. We met in Australia in 2008 while we were both backpacking around this amazing country. After returning to Europe, we went through all the hardships of a long-distance relationship for almost three years! And we survived it!

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