15 Best Long-Distance Sex Toys for Orgasmic Fun

Sexual intimacy is super important to most couples:

It allows us to be vulnerable with our partners, strengthen the bonds we feel with them, and enjoy physical pleasure with another human being.

Unfortunately, couples in long-distance relationships don’t have nearly the same number of opportunities to be sexually intimate with each other, as most other couples do. 

In fact, they may feel that their only real options for long-distance sex are through video chatting or sexting.

But that’s not true!

Thanks to modern technology, imagination, and teledildonics, it’s also possible to have remote sex with your partner.


By using interactive sex toys!

Even though sex toys for long-distance relationships may never be the same thing as real sex when you’re physically together, they will still serve as a very satisfying substitute until you can meet one another again.

What is teledildonics?

Teledildonics, also sometimes referred to as cyber dildonics, are interactive sex toys that can be used for mutual masturbation and remote sex.

They enable romantic partners to send forces, movements, and vibrations to their lovers’ connected toys many miles away.

Modern-day teledildonics have evolved considerably since their initial development in the 1970s. Today, interactive sex gifts for long-distance relationships enable partners to connect over an app or chatting platform.

Female sex toys are usually a long-distance dildo or vibrator, while the male toys are so-called masturbation sleeves.

Sold together in a set, the toys can electronically stimulate one another, with the male sleeve responding to the movements of the dildo or vibrator.

The idea with long-distance sex toys is to enhance physical intimacy between romantic partners who are in long-distance relationships.

Sounds like fun?

Read on to find out more about the best long-distance sex toys that you can buy today.

Best Sex Toys for Long-Distance Couples

Max 2 and Nora by Lovense

Features we love

  • Wireless
  • Great app
  • Long battery life
  • Smooth motions
  • Quick response time and interaction
  • Multiple connection options available

Lovense is one of the most popular brands in the interactive sex toy market and is also considered one of the leaders in sex toy technology.


The Lovense Nora and Max 2 are very simple (and pleasurable) to use:

Each toy connects to the internet using the Lovense app (make sure you have Bluetooth) and responds to the other’s movements.

The app also has a messaging and call function, but you can also use any other video chatting services and only use the app to connect the toys if you so desire.

As with any other remote sex toy, you really need to become fully aroused to get the most fun out of the Lovense Nora and Max 2 toys. Begin video chatting and engage in virtual foreplay by teasing each other first.

Once your penis is fully erect, and you’re ready to take things to the next level, slide the Max 2 sleeve over your shaft and begin moving it up and down.

The faster you move the toy up and down, the quicker the vibrator of the Nora rotates as well.

Meanwhile, when your partner moves the vibrator in her vagina, the Max 2 will begin pumping air on the inside (mimicking vaginal contractions) to make you feel greater pleasure.

Lovense’s Nora and Max 2 are one of the best sex toys for long-distance couples. The response time is quick, battery life is long, and most importantly, the motions are smooth to amplify the pleasure you can feel.

Virtual Sex Toys For Couples | Improve Your Skype Sex w/ Teledildonics!

Onyx+ and Pearl 2 by Kiiroo

Features we love

  • Advanced G-spot vibrator
  • Touch-sensitive technology
  • Available in black and purple
  • Vibrations are easy to control  
  • Very soft and realistic materials

Kiiroo is another popular brand of interactive sex toys that produces some of the highest quality products in the industry.

The Pearl2 is an advanced long-distance vibrator/long-distance dildo designed to reach and stimulate the G-spot to deliver incredible orgasms.

The Onyx+ is a male masturbation sleeve designed to slide over your partner’s penis and rhythm with the movements of the vibrator.

Once you have slid the Pearl2 into your vagina, it will send a signal to the Onyx2 to begin stimulating your partner. You can easily control the vibrations just as you can control your movements in real intercourse.

The Pearl2 comes with nine different vibration settings, with ‘slow pulses’ being the lowest setting and ‘ultra-high’ the highest. At 7.5 inches long, most women should find it to be very satisfying to use.

The Onyx+ is capable of reaching a hundred and forty strokes a minute using a rotating motor that will work in an up-and-down motion so your partner can feel as if he were actually inside you.

There are ten rings inside the Onyx+, with manual, slow pump, and fast pump modes. It can last for one hour before needing to be recharged.

The devices each ship with authenticity cards and USB charging cables.

Both the Pearl2 and the Onyx+ are made out of very soft and realistic feeling materials that can make your interactive remote sex session almost like the real thing. The build quality has increased significantly over the first generation of these toys as well.

Interaction between a Kiiroo Onyx + Pearl

Titan and Cliona by Kiiroo

Features we love

  • Waterproof
  • Best for clitoral stimulation
  • Provides very powerful vibrations
  • Very smooth surface
  • Very quiet during operation

Another popular remote sex toy option from Kiiroo is the Titan and Cliona.

The Titan looks very similar to the Onyx2, while the Cliona is definitely smaller than the Pearl2. That’s because the Cliona is designed for stimulating the clitoris rather than the vagina.

The Titan provides very powerful vibrations to the penis with its nine different levels for a truly intense remote sex or masturbation session.

There are three sensitive touchpads on the Titan, which also control the vibration levels on the Cliona. You can increase or decrease the intensity of these vibrations by using the pad one, two, and three on the side of the device.

Meanwhile, as you rub the Cliona against the clitoris, the Titan mimics the same movements via its bullet vibrators.

Kiiroo claims that the Cliona has the most powerful motor in any sex toy for women, including in vibrators of larger sizes. The smooth surface is made out of silicone and ABS to create a very realistic and pleasurable feel.

Despite the Cliona and Titan both having powerful vibration motors and vibrations, they are also remarkably quiet. This will help improve the sexual experience as your partner, and you can focus more on each other’s breathing and natural sounds rather than the vibrations of the devices.

The Cliona can be used uninterruptedly for an hour before needing to be recharged, while the Titan will last for around forty minutes.

You can also use each device separately for solo masturbation besides using them together for virtual sex.

The Cliona and Titan come with authenticity and warranty cards, as well as USB charging cables to charge the devices in as little as three hours.

Best Long-Distance Plug

Hush by Lovense

Features we love

  • Most powerful vibrating butt plug
  • Good for beginners or intermediate users
  • Sync to music
  • Latex and rubber free
  • Made out of a very smooth, silicone material
  • Spirals make it easy to remove after a session
  • A flared base ensures the plug is safe to use

The Lovense Hush is marketed as the very first teledildonics butt plug in the world. Hush is a very smooth, vibrating butt plug made out of silicone, and it’s also free of rubber and latex.

The spirals on the neck are designed to trap lube near your sphincter muscles, thus making the Hush very easy to remove after a long session.

Don’t worry, even though it’s very easy to remove, it’s also designed to stay in place for as long as you want to continue to have fun with it!

The base of the Hush has been flared to ensure that it stays safe and doesn’t become lost or stuck in your rectum. This is one of the most important safety measures for any butt plug to have!

The Hush is controlled using the Hush app and is compatible with any Android or iOS device that comes with Bluetooth.

With the app, you can set the vibration levels to pleasure your partner with the plug many miles away (or your partner can use the app while you use the plug yourself).

Hush by Lovense | The Most Versatile Vibrating Butt Plug. EVER!

Ditto by We-Vibe

Features we love

  • Available in midnight blue and purple
  • Easy to sync and use with the We-Connect app
  • Made out of smooth, silicone material
  • Its small size makes it easy to explore this genre of sex toys
  • You can create your own custom vibration in addition to the 10+ pre-set modes

Another good option for a butt plug is the We-Vibe Ditto. The Ditto is a vibrating butt plug that is designed to be used during solo masturbation, mutual masturbation, foreplay, virtual sex, or real sex. 

The Ditto is one of the smaller and slimmer butt plugs on the market, so it’s much easier to explore and have fun with. It’s also very smooth, thanks to its silicone material.

To use the Ditto with your partner, connect it to the We-Connect app first. There are ten different pre-set vibration modes with the Ditto, which you can control from across the world using either the app or the remote provided with the plug.

In addition to the pre-set vibration modes, the We-Connect app also allows you to create your own custom vibration mode at your desired intensity level.

Best Long-Distance Vibrator

Chorus by We-Vibe

Features we love

  • Easy to adjust
  • Lasts up to 90 minutes on a single charge
  • Comes with ten different vibration modes
  • The vibrations intensify the more you squeeze it
  • 100% waterproof

The We-Vibe Chorus is a high-quality woman’s vibrator that can be used either alone for solo masturbation or a (remote) sex session with a partner.

Stimulating your G-spot and clitoris directly at the same time, the We-Vibe Chorus is designed to intensify its vibrations the tighter you squeeze it.

As with all We-Vibe products, the Chorus connects to the We-Connect app. Through the app, your partner can use the Squeeze Remote feature to increase the intensity of the vibrations you feel.

The Chorus long-distance vibrator will last up to 90 minutes on a single charge and comes with a USB cable for charging. It’s also 100% waterproof, meaning you can use it in the shower, bath, pool, or hot tub.

Lush 2 by Lovense

Features we love

  • Most powerful vibrator
  • Comes with seven different vibration modes
  • Can last up to four hours before needing recharging
  • Provides more intense vibrations than the original Lush
  • Made out of a smooth, silicone material

Another excellent long-distance vibrator is the Lovense Lush 2, an upgraded version of the original Lush vibrator.

The Lush 2 offers significantly more powerful vibrations than the original Lush, which will lead to more intense orgasms.

Made out of a smooth, silicone material, the Lush 2 is curved to hit your G-Spot and stimulate your clitoris simultaneously. 

One of the best features of the Lush 2 is how long it can last: up to four hours before needing to be recharged again. If there’s any vibrator on the market that can provide you with the maximum pleasure for the maximum amount of time, it’s the Lush 2!

The Lush 2 connects to the Lovense app, which you will need Bluetooth capability to use. Your partner can then use the app to control the intensity of your vibrations from many miles away, or you can control it yourself.

Best Long-Distance Sex Toys for Gays

Onyx Couples Set by Kiiroo

Features we love

  • Offers 140 strokes a minute
  • Durable ABS plastic outer construction
  • The sleeve is removable and easy to clean
  • Lasts for one hour before needing to be recharged

The Kiiroo Onyx toy, like we discussed previously, is also available in a two-in-one package for gay couples.

The Onyx is a male masturbation sleeve designed to fit nicely over your penis. By purchasing two of them together, you can surprise your long-distance partner for some unforgettable virtual sex!

The sleeve of the Onyx has contracting rings that create a wave-like sensation over your shaft as the rings contract and release repeatedly. You can increase or decrease the intensity for one another with Kiiro’s Feel Connect app.

The outer shell of the Onyx is built out of a high-quality ABS material, while the inside sleeve is removable, so it’s easy to clean after use. Take note that the Onyx is not waterproof, so it should not be used in the bath or shower.

The Onyx can last for one hour before needing to be recharged, and it requires a three-hour charge time.

Max 2 and Edge by Lovense

Features we love

  • Free of toxic materials
  • Air vent removes pneumatic forces
  • Comes with water-based lube for greater pleasure
  • Three different vibration levels
  • Lasts for three hours before recharging

Another excellent choice for remote gay sex is the Lovense Max 2 and Edge set. Lovense has specifically designed the Max 2 with many features designed to maximize pleasure as much as possible.

The interior sleeve of the Max 2 is a very delicate and soft TPR material that will create a tantalizing feeling against your penis. Two buttons on the outside of the device control the level of vibrations that you feel.

There are three different vibration levels to the Max 2, which utilizes an air pump to deliver sensations to your shaft. The sleeve has a water-based lube coating on the inside to mimic a slippery feeling.

The sleeve is 6.5 inches long, and vibrations feel the strongest on top of the device and close to the entrance.

Connect the Max 2 to the Lovense app, and you can also control the vibrations that your partner will feel. The Max 2 will last for three hours before needing around an hour and a half to fully recharge.

For more fun you can also use the Edge protaste massager, that can also be controlled remotly via an the Lovense app.

Best Long-Distance Sex Toys for Lesbians

Nora by Lovense

Features we love

  • Three different vibration/rotation speeds
  • Designed to stimulate the G-spot and the clitoris at the same time
  • Lasts up to two hours before needing to be recharged

One of the best sex toys that lesbian couples can use for a steamy and intense sex session is the Lovense Nora.

The Lovense Nora is essentially a long-distance dildo, curved perfectly to stimulate both the clitoris and the G-spot at the same time.

The arm of the device comes into direct contact with the clitoris, while the rotating head can be inserted into your vagina and come into direct contact with your G-spot.

There are three different vibration/rotation speeds, and the intensity of the arm and the head can be increased or lowered separately.

This means that you could stimulate your or your partner’s clitoris at a different vibration level than stimulating your G-spots, for instance.

You can control the vibrations either by using Lovense’s Body Chat app or manually with buttons located at the bottom of the toy. Besides controlling your own device, you can adjust the speed of your partner’s vibrator as well.

Nora will last for two hours before needing a recharge, which should be more than enough time for a steamy sex session.

Nova 2 by We-Vibe

Features we love

  • Comes with ten different vibration modes
  • Free of latex
  • Flexible design
  • Lasts for two hours before needing to be recharged
  • Waterproof

Another excellent option for a sex toy that lesbians can use is the We-Vibe Nova.

As with any We-Vibe sex toy, the Nova can connect to the We-Connect app. With the app, you can control both the vibrations of your toy or your partner’s toy.

There are ten different pre-set vibration modes with the Nova. You can start at the lowest vibration mode with your partner, and then slowly build yourself up to the highest level. 

The Nova has a very smooth and flexible construction that is designed to stay in direct contact with your clitoris even as your body squirms and wiggles from intense pleasure. 

The Nova will last for two hours before needing a recharge of at least ninety minutes. It’s also waterproof so you can use it in the bath, shower, pool, or hot tub.

Best Long-Distance Eggs

Bloom by We-Vibe

Features we love

  • Vibration feature will make your daily Kegel exercises fun
  • Made out of a smooth, silicone material
  • Has three progressive weights that are easy to change

The We-Vibe Bloom is designed to make it both fun and easy to do daily Kegel exercises.

Kegel exercises strengthen the muscles in your pelvic floor, supporting your bladder and uterus.

When it comes to sex, Kegel exercises can strengthen your pelvic and vaginal muscles so you can tightly squeeze your vagina around your partner’s penis when he enters you. This should create more intense sexual pleasure and long-lasting orgasms for the both of you.  

Simply insert the Bloom into your vagina and then squeeze your muscles around the device. You can also switch on the vibration feature to make your Kegel exercises feel more pleasurable and not just a routine exercise.

Connect the Bloom to the We-Connect app to switch between pre-set vibration levels, or set your own customized options. Alternatively, if your partner has the app, they can control the vibrations you feel remotely as well.

The Bloom is made out of a very smooth silicone material, and there are three weight options (10 grams, 30 grams, and 45 grams) that are very easy to change.

Ella Neo by Svakom

Features we love

  • Swirled, ribbed design provides greater stimulation to your vagina
  • Ten different vibration modes
  • Very smooth silicone material
  • Very quiet
  • Intelligent app control
  • Intereactive video

Another great long-distance egg to improve your Kegel exercises is the Svakom Ella. The Ella is a high-quality bullet egg with a very ergonomic design and smooth silicone material.

Besides helping you with your Kegel exercises, the Ella can also be used as a fun sex toy. Its swirled, ribbed design provides excellent stimulation to your vagina.

This stimulation will be enhanced significantly with any one of the ten vibration modes that you or your partner can control through the app, which works with any Android or iOS phone with Bluetooth.

The vibrations are virtually silent, so you can focus more on your breathing and the passion of the pleasure you feel.

Bonus – DIY Dildo!


If you could clone your own penis (or your partner’s penis), would you do it?

Believe it or not, this is exactly what the Clone-A-Willy is for!

clone a willy penis casting kit

While it may not create a literal clone of your penis, it can create a very close copy of it to be used as a sex toy. And no, it’s not a joke or a gimmick!

The Clone-A-Willy kit comes with a vibrator, molding powder, thermometer, a balsa wood mixing stick, and two silicone gel jars. The items ship in a plastic tube that will be used for the molding mixture.

In addition to the above items, you will also need clean water, a plastic container, and a bowl.

To use the Clone-A-Willy, follow these steps:

  1. Heat the water at 90 degrees Fahrenheit
  2. Mix the water with the molding powder for 45 seconds
  3. Pour the mixture into the tube
  4. Insert your erect penis into the tube (your penis must be as fully erect as possible for this to work properly)
  5. Hold your penis carefully for at least four minutes and make sure it does not touch the sides of the tube
  6. Remove your penis from the tube
  7. Pull away the mold
  8. Mix the silicone together using your plastic container and mixing stick
  9. Fill the mold with silicone
  10. Give the silicone mold around twenty-four hours to fully dry
  11. Slide out the silicone mold from the container

Assuming you followed the above steps correctly, you can now send your ‘penis clone’ to your partner for a sexy surprise.

They’ll then have a dildo to play with that’s literally the exact same shape, length, girth, and unique features as your real penis.


clone a pussy Casting Kit

As the name suggests, the Clone-A-Pussy kit is the female alternative to Clone-A-Willy and is designed to create a ‘clone’ of your vulva.

The kit comes with a male masturbation sleeve, alginate powder, a mixing stick, and two tubes containing the silicone. You will also need a disposable plastic container and a measuring jug.

Using the Clone-A-Pussy is very similar to the Clone-A-Willy:

  1. Heat the water to 90 degrees Fahrenheit
  2. Mix the alginate powder with the water as smoothly as you can
  3. Pour this mixture into the black mold until full (any leftover you can place into the mixing bowl)
  4. Press the mold tightly against your vulva for at least four minutes
  5. Bend forward to ensure that the mold is kept level (some women report that sitting down with their legs open is the most effective method)
  6. Proceed to peel the mold from your vulva (take note that air bubbles are normal)
  7. Take the two tubs of silicone and pour both into your disposable container
  8. Mix the silicone with the mixing stick; avoid trapping air bubbles into the mixture
  9. Pour the silicone into the mold using a thin stream
  10. Encourage any trapped air bubbles to rise by tapping the frame a few times as necessary
  11. Wait for twenty-four hours to remove your cloned pussy from the mold

By following the above steps correctly, you will have transformed your vulva into a beautiful work of art. The resulting ‘clone’ should have the exact same size, shape, and other features as your real vulva.

Send it on over to your partner, who lives far away from you. They’ll definitely appreciate it!

What to Consider Before Buying Long-Distance Sex Toys?


The size of your sex toy is very important, but for women, this can be very challenging. To figure out the ideal size of dildo or vibrator you need, you’ll need to use a tape measure or your fingers to get an approximate idea of what will be pleasurable for you.

For men, it’s much easier. Carefully measure the girth and length of your penis when erect to determine which products will fit you.

You don’t want a masturbation sleeve to be so tight around your penis that it causes pain, but also not so loose that it can’t create enough pleasure.


The sex organs are among the most sensitive of the body, and any sex toy(s) you use shouldn’t have any adverse effects on it or your health.

For example, many sex toys utilize latex, which roughly 4% of the general population is allergic to.

Other materials commonly used in sex toys to watch out for include:

  • Vinyl
  • Jelly
  • PVC
  • Phthalates

If you ever encounter any physical discomfort from using a sex toy, quit using it once, and avoid using sex toys made out of the same materials.


When choosing the sex toy that can hopefully create the most amount of pleasure and intense orgasms, you need to ask yourself what really turns you on and feels exciting.

For women, do you prefer your G-spot to be stimulated, or are you more into stimulating your clitoris?

For men, do you prefer to have your penis stroked directly, or are you more into stimulating the other erogenous zones such as the perineum or prostate?

Only you can decide.


It’s no secret that sex can be a very messy affair. After a long and passionate sex session, your interactive toys can become covered in all sorts of bodily fluids.

Make it a habit to always clean your sex toys after use, so they are clean and ready to go for the next round.

In addition to any instructions supplied by the manufacturer, you should rinse your toys off with water and then further sanitize them with anti-bacterial wipes.

Pros and cons of long-distance sex toys

Interactive sex toys are great for providing sexual intimacy between long-distance couples, but they are also not for everybody.

Some of the pros and cons of long-distance sex toys include:


  • Lots of different options at nearly any budget  
  • They’re a viable way to engage in sexual intimacy with your partner while living far away from each other
  • Women can more easily orgasm, as many struggle to do so with traditional intercourse
  • They can be used for both virtual sex with your partner or masturbation when you’re alone


  • Most electronic sex toys need to be recharged every hour or so
  • They require a reliable internet connection
  • Some people may be averse to the idea of using sex toys
  • Ultimately, they are only a substitute for actual sex and are not the real thing  

We are Max from France and Ella from Finland. We met in Australia in 2008 while we were both backpacking around this amazing country. After returning to Europe, we went through all the hardships of a long-distance relationship for almost three years! And we survived it!

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