15 Fun Long-Distance Relationship Games to Try ASAP

Maintaining a healthy long-distance relationship is already hard enough. It takes a lot of patience and commitment to keep things fun and spicy when you can’t be in each other’s presence. 

Transcending the miles and times separating you will be the challenge to win if you want to feel the closeness of your partner.

However, living in a high-tech era, things are becoming easier for LDR couples. It takes a bit of creativity and thinking out-of-the-box, but when there’s a will there’s a way!

Here are some great long-distance relationship activities you can try right away.

LDR Games to Play Online

online ldr games


The long-time classic is one of those perfect games for long-distance couples. All you have to do is turn on WhatsApp or Skype and let the fun begin.

The goal is the same as when playing it in person – try explaining the word or phrase by using just your body, only this time on camera. Try thinking of words that are funny to explain. It will make you both laugh and deal with loneliness a little better.

Never Have I Ever

This is a popular drinking game that can be easily played on camera. Again, you can use Skype, Facebook, Viber, or any other platform that offers video calling.

It’s sometimes hard for couples who have been together to find something they don’t know about each other, but here’s your chance to learn new things about your partner.

Truth or Dare

This game is your chance to ask your partner things you never got the courage to ask before or give them ‘tough love’ through some hard challenges.

With a video on, you will be able to see your loved one doing all the fun dares or sweating through some tricky questions.

It’s definitely one of the best LDR games that can quickly turn from innocent to something quite steamy!

Virtual Board Games

We should give it up for technology for moving our favorite games online. Scrabble, Monopoly, Catan, and UNO are now long-distance relationship games too!

Online games like these are usually a pretty cheap way to have fun, but you can almost always find a free version of your favorite one too.

Take it up a notch and give your partner a video call. Having fun together helps a lot when you are feeling lonely, and you miss each other’s physical presence.

Long-distance Relationship Activities

virtual date ideas

Watch Your Favorite Movie at the Same Time

Sounds as simple as it is! A safe choice would be a movie you both like or have watched previously.

With the help of Netflix, Amazon Prime, and HBO, you can easily set up a cozy home theater. With both of you on Skype, seeing each other’s reactions to the movie, you will feel like you are together again.

Go on a Virtual Holiday

You don’t have to be at a particular location to enjoy its beauty. Do a little Google search of the places you’ve always dreamt of visiting. Share the pictures with your partner, and you can daydream together about being on a remote sandy beach, enjoying the sun at a popular tourist destination.

Who knows, maybe this can turn into your next trip together! Check for hotels and flights, just in case.

Have a Virtual Cook-Off

If both of you enjoy cooking, you can heat things up by organizing a little cooking competition. You can choose to prepare the same recipe and compare the results later, or you can cook something completely different.

Turn on your camera and play music in the background. It’s fun to look at your partner while they’re doing something so ordinary, like cooking. It will give you a sense of being at home.

Plus, a little healthy competition will kill the monotonous long-distance webcam conversations!

Go on a Dinner Date

This is for those who don’t mind video-calling in public. Plan out a date night with your partner. Book a table at a nice restaurant at your locations and dress for the occasion. Your partner will appreciate the effort you put into looking nice for them!

It might make you feel a bit awkward while you chat on camera in the middle of a restaurant, but you can always book a booth for some extra privacy.

For less pressure, you can easily turn this into a virtual coffee date. These days, we see people with headphones and open computers in every coffee shop.

Cyber Workout

This can be one of those unusual things to do in a long-distance relationship, but many LDR couples who care for keeping fit love it. Before you go on Skype or FaceTime, make a list of the exercises you will do and the intensity. After that, just turn on your cameras and start building your bodies while breaking the distance.

Sex Games for Long-Distance Relationships

sex game for ldr couples

Strip Q’n’A

Strip poker sounds dated. Why don’t you skip the boring game and turn this into something more intimate and personal?

Having a private space to do this is a must for obvious reasons. Before you start, think of questions about things you’ve done together with your partner or something about yourself you believe your partner should know the answers to. Now take it to Skype, and whoever fails to give a correct answer, takes a piece of their clothing off.


Even long-time partners have a hard time talking about their fantasies, so maybe being apart will make both of you a little braver.

Choose a movie character that your partner finds particularly attractive, and try copying what they say or how they walk and talk. You can even try and put on something similar, but I doubt it will stay on you for long.

Mystery Photo

It doesn’t sound like one of those naughty sex games for long-distance relationships, but it can spice things up rather quickly!

Send a close-up shot of your body part or anything that might spark up your partner’s imagination. Of course, don’t make it too easy on them!

Once they guess what’s on the photo, they get a reward. Maybe you can treat them with a wider angle of what you were trying to show.

Use Adult Apps

Adult apps are a great way to turn a regular Skype conversation into a hot and steamy one!

From the naughty versions of Truth or Dare to Sex Dice and question games to reveal your most hidden sexual fantasies, there’s an app for everyone.

Here are some excellent sex game apps to try:

  • Kindu
  • Truth or Dare – Dirty
  • Bliss

Try We-Vibe

The world’s first sex toy app We-Connect is one of the greatest inventions for long-distance couples! It works together with a line of We-Vibe erotic products like vibrators and G-spot massagers that you connect to the app through your phone.

Your partner can then control both the vibration levels as well as the intensity and join in on the fun via chat, voice, and video messages. Oohlala!

Other popular sex toy apps are Lovense and Vibease.

Play with Interactive Sex Toys

If you want to experience real long-distance sex (at least as real as it can get), try interactive sex toys for couples.

These connect together via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and respond to each other’s movements – you can actually feel your partner and their reactions in real-time!

Kiiroo and Lovense have developed the best sets of smart sex toys with materials that feel soft and smooth, creating a very realistic experience.

Wrapping It Up

Long-distance relationships can be quite a challenge, but thanks to technology, a lot of trust, and communication, many couples are quite successful at keeping love alive. After all, true love sees no borders or time zones!

We are Max from France and Ella from Finland. We met in Australia in 2008 while we were both backpacking around this amazing country. After returning to Europe, we went through all the hardships of a long-distance relationship for almost three years! And we survived it!

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